Custom Designed Holiday Decorations for Organizations with Multiple Locations

Services We Offer

Simplified logistics and volume pricing for hassle-free operations. Trust our team to handle every step, from design to delivery, for seamless seasonal transformations.

  • National and regional account management
  • Custom design services
  • Brand consistency at every location
  • Volume pricing
  • Logistics management
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Seasonal storage


How We Work

Industries Served

Our team can install trees and decorations. We send our team of
expert installers to all these businesses and more:

  • Retail
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Professional Services Firms
  • Franchisors
  • Healthcare



Products We Offer

  •  Christmas Trees
  • Wreaths
  • Garlands
  • Floor Planter Arrangement
  • Tabletop Holiday Arrangement
  • Commercial Scale Holiday Props
  • Kwanzaa Displays
  • Hanukkah Décor Displays



Frequently Asked Questions

• What is your project minimum?
Our minimum order for a custom solution, which includes design, product and production fabrication is $50,000.

• What is the project lead time?
From the initial consultation to installation/delivery, we work to plan each project 8 to 12 months out. Time is required for bulk manufacturing, sample approval, assembly, and freight.

• What is the cut-off for placing new orders?
For holiday décor, orders must be confirmed by April 1st with a deposit. This is the time required to manufacture the holiday décor, assemble, package, and process it for delivery.

• Can you match my brand colors?
For many items, we can offer color matching to a RAL number. Not every color can be matched on every product, but we can help guide you through the design process to find the best solution.

• Do you offer installation?
Yes. We can provide, coordinate, and manage professional installation by local contractors in most markets in the USA and Canada.

• Do you offer storage?
Yes. Holiday décor storage is only available for sites installed by our contractors. Storage is not available for drop-shipped décor.

• Can you ship directly to my location and have my staff install the decor?
Yes. We can drop ship and provide installation instructions.

• What is the useful lifespan of the holiday décor?
This depends on the type of product and how it is handled and stored. A product installed and stored by our professional contractors has an average lifespan of 3 years. The maximum useable lifespan is 7 to 10 years, which is limited to specific products and installations.

• Do you offer sustainable or eco-friendly holiday solutions?
All activities of commerce have an environmental impact. We can offer décor options that are live plants or made from natural or recycled materials.

• Can you provide fresh or live Christmas trees?
We offer in our catalog Norfolk Island Pines which are potted and living. “Fresh” trees (also known as “cut trees”) are not offered because live-cut trees typically do not conform to fire code regulations.

• Do you offer exterior tree lighting?
We do not offer exterior holiday lighting.

• How much does professionally designed commercial holiday decorating cost?
Cost can vary for branch offices with 20+ locations depending on the product selected. We do our best to develop a comprehensive quote designed to meet our client’s budget. Holiday décor programs typically start at $25,000 and include design, product manufacturing, assembly, and delivery.

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